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Migrating birds have stopped at Kalamalka Lake for thousands of years. One woman’s love of birds and her foresight means there will always be a place for these visitors.

Lydia Bishop established the Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary in 1980 and it is now administered by a not-for-profit foundation which began with the North Okanagan Naturalists Club. There are six board members, with president Vivian Merchant.

The 4.2 acre Coldstream property was originally a place for summer guests of the Kidston family to stay. John and Mabel Bishop of San Francisco used to visit and liked the area so much they moved there in 1935 and Lydia Bishop grew up there. The original house, Miktow, built in 1904, burned in 1960 and was replaced by the present house but the original stables and some outbuildings remain.

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